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Helping people enhance and feel better in their home environment for over 18 years. As a life coach, she genuinely cares about your personal growth and will bring enlightened thinking and new, tangible methodologies to quickly help you achieve your goals.

The Fresh Ideas blog is an opportunity to share some of her useful tips and ideas about staying organized and keeping your home clean. We hope you enjoy it. Please send us your feedback.

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Arranging home cleaning services from out of town

Recently, Brian from Europe called to inquire about our cleaning services. With our extensive network of services and crystal clear reputation, we are able to be your hands and eyes while you are absent from your home or your parent’s home. He asked some very good questions that are quite common from clients who are responsible for arranging cleaning from far away.

“How will you get into my home?”
We are happy to pick up a key from a friend or relative you have entrusted.  You can mail us your key with no return address, or provide us with a lock box code.  All keys are kept in the office behind a deadbolt locked door and no labeling of names or addresses are on keys.

“Do you do windows?”
Absolutely!  We are the current Reader’s Choice Diamond award winner for window cleaning. We can do windows in and out and clean the tracks as well. We also clean gutters if needed. Mike, the owner, will be happy to give you sparkling windows.

“Can you send me pictures, since I am not there to see your work?”
We are more than happy to take pictures of anything you like and send the pictures via email to you.  We will even ship items left behind to you if that is a help.

Please just ask if there is anything you think we could help with. No job is too small or large.

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