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Helping people enhance and feel better in their home environment for over 18 years. As a life coach, she genuinely cares about your personal growth and will bring enlightened thinking and new, tangible methodologies to quickly help you achieve your goals.

The Fresh Ideas blog is an opportunity to share some of her useful tips and ideas about staying organized and keeping your home clean. We hope you enjoy it. Please send us your feedback.

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Go Through Your Closet

Clean out cupboards, closets, drawers and storage bins twice a year. It’s important to know what you have, so you do not rebuy unnecessarily and you can find things that need to be repaired easily. You won’t lose your favorite sweater that has fallen in the back of a closet, or clutter cupboards with expired products. I keep a bin in my home that is clearly labeled “give-away” so I am able to sort items in between my purging seasons.

When I donate, I prefer to give directly whenever possible.  Many donation sites resell the items to companies for profit.  I have a philosophy that if a person is unable to afford a store to meet their needs, they may not be able to afford secondhand either.  We are generous when donating to charitable causes in this community. With our sister company Estate Concierge, we donate directly all the time.  A lovely memory I will hold dear is of an 8 year old girl whose family had been placed in housing after living in a shelter. This little girl looked like it was Christmas Day when she left the house with a purse on her shoulder that contained some old jewelry and vintage books.  These items would have fetched some dollars if sold, but the impact on the family that left with a child’s heart warmed, beds, linens, furniture, kitchen utensils, and clothing is priceless.

There are lots of options when going through your closets. For brand name items that were barely worn, it is often worth selling. My very dear friends, Jill McChesney and Melody Taylor, are opening their Plato’s Closet location in Oakville in March. They are now buying gently used brand name clothing and accessories for 12-24 year olds. Congratulations to you both; I look forward to shopping in your store! Go to to join up for their email list.

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