Your Burlington home cleaning services specialist!

Maybe you need a one-time 'big clean' before a special event, or ongoing Burlington home cleaning services. We can thoroughly clean every part of your home or do basic cleaning services, such as cleaning floors and bathrooms. Your home will sparkle! You may also benefit from tidying, organizing or minor repairs. Maid of All Work offers customized cleaning services. Maid of All Work is like having your own expert Home Needs Specialist on call. We are proud of our Burlington roots.
Burlington home cleaning team

We’re environmentally friendly.

Staff training includes learning procedures to protect you from allergens. For example, we insist upon proper bed-making principles commonly used in hospitals. Particles are less likely to become air borne.

After a no-obligation, in-home appointment or telephone quotation, we prepare a personalized plan that fits your budget, schedule and needs. You won’t find a detailed list here of all the things we do because… there’s NOTHING we won’t do.

We’re here to help

Whether you have a heritage home in downtown Burlington, a country home in Carlisle, or a family home in Alton or the Orchard, Maid of All Work offers custom cleaning services for you!

There’s no need to worry about cross-contamination because our rags are used only once in your home then washed at our premises—sterilized using 95°F heat and run through three rinse cycles.

All detergents and cleaning solutions are supplied and are non-toxic, bio-degradable, and phosphate-free and highly effective. We care about your pets, children and allergy sufferers— always choosing the most environmentally friendly and hygienic approach.

Call us in Burlington at (905) 336-7901.

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