Increase your home's resale value and decrease your stress levels

Our move-in / move-out and estate closing services are an exceptional return on investment—we always increase the home's resale value and the speed in which it sells. It's so satisfying to help clients with what can often be a difficult and emotional experience.

Is your aging parent moving? Get help.

You may be out-of-town to complicate matters further. Interrupting your schedule to move a loved one out of their household when they can no longer manage is not simple.
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    Estate Concierge move in move out service

It is an extremely stressful time for everyone. Maid of All Work’s division, Estate Concierge, serves the Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville and greater Toronto area. Let Estate Concierge help make this an easier and less stressful process. Our efficient and compassionate approach will treat you and your family with respect and ensure that all concerns and details are addressed.

“Mike, Caroline, and the Gang did a complete overhaul on my house. I was so thrilled – Our selling price was much higher than it would have been without them. Also, we were able to put it on the market much faster than I thought possible. What an investment!”

~ Irene Hemmert

Contact us today for a complimentary, no-obligation, competitive estimate. Call us in Burlington at (905) 336-7901 or in Oakville at (905) 849-8253.

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