A clean home makes a happier home

With today's busy lifestyles, no time for home cleaning can add to your stress and make you feel out of control. So many Waterdown homeowners, after a long day of work and the commute home, and taking the kids to activities just cannot find the time to keep the home clean. We understand. Our custom home cleaning services for your Waterdown home can include:
  • a one-time big clean for that special event (maybe a backyard wedding, birthday or anniversary party?)
  • ongoing home cleaning services,
  • basic cleaning services, such as only cleaning floors and bathrooms
  • thoroughly clean everything in your home.

We're here to help

We can also help with tidying or organizing in the home. How about help with windows? Maid of All Work is also available to help with home clean out and estate closing in the Waterdown area. We even do junk removal.
  • House Cleaner Alicia

    Alicia - Cares about her work

Call to arrange your no-obligation, in-home appointment or telephone quotation. We will prepare a personalized cleaning and home care service plan that fits your lifestyle, budget and needs. There’s almost nothing we won’t do for you to help reduce the stress of owning your Waterdown home.

Environmentally aware cleaning

We care about your environment. All detergents and cleaning solutions we use are non-toxic, bio-degradable, phosphate-free and yet highly effective at cleaning your home.

Health-conscious practices

Allergy sufferers, children and pets are a concern for us. We always consider their health in our practices and the supplies we use. Staff training includes learning procedures to protect you from allergens. For example, we insist on proper bed-making principles commonly used in hospitals that minimize airborne particles.

Our rags are used only once in your home then taken away to be washed and sterilized — run through three rinse cycles — to ensure no cross-contamination.

Call us at (905) 336-7901.

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