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Helping people enhance and feel better in their home environment for over 18 years. As a life coach, she genuinely cares about your personal growth and will bring enlightened thinking and new, tangible methodologies to quickly help you achieve your goals.

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September — End of Vacation Blues

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had mixed feelings about September; it kind of feels like New Year’s to me. It marks the end of the summer vacation time with children and loved ones and holds the promise of colder weather to come. As a child I dreaded Labour Day. I’ve come to feel differently by changing the way I see it. Now, I do a round of “spring cleaning” and plan some exciting weekend day trips or getaways. By switching the focus from the end of summer to the beginning of fall, it feels like an opportunity to plan ahead and get my house in order.

It’s a wonderful time to explore Ontario. The weather is still gorgeous, but the heat is not prohibitive. We are just a couple of hours in any direction to exciting sites. We have many beautiful waterfalls, markets, galleries, and conservatories waiting to be discovered.

It’s also a fantastic time to air out your home and garage. Clear out your unwanted belongings and get organized. The weather is conducive to organizing your space. You will be ready to enjoy your clean and clear home while hibernating through the winter.

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