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Caroline Maurice… Entrepreneur, Personal Life Coach, and Personal Organizer.

Helping people enhance and feel better in their home environment for over 18 years. As a life coach, she genuinely cares about your personal growth and will bring enlightened thinking and new, tangible methodologies to quickly help you achieve your goals.

The Fresh Ideas blog is an opportunity to share some of her useful tips and ideas about staying organized and keeping your home clean. We hope you enjoy it. Please send us your feedback.

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What does life coaching have to do with house cleaning

As a Life Coach and personal organizer, I am often asked how our companies relate.  Some see it as an unlikely combination. It is actually the same thing in my opinion. We assist and provide tools for people to be clean and clear in all areas of their life.

When our environment is clean and organized we actually think more sharply and are more productive. Our children learn the order necessary to grow and develop healthy lifestyle habits.  We feel more comfortable sharing our time, food, and laughter with friends and family in a clean home. We are less likely to lose or misplace personal belongings. We are also less likely to break items. We are able to find things when needed and spend less money replacing stuff.

When our heart, spirit, and mind are clear; we are able to make good decisions and feel more fulfilled. We are able to change direction more quickly and identify what is not giving us the results we are looking for in our life. The choices we make and our life satisfaction is enhanced by self-awareness. Clarity creates outstanding results.

When “cleaning house” look at all aspects of your life. All areas are intertwined.

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